Subway Surfers

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2 responses to “Subway Surfers”

  1. shanaz persaud says:

    wow what an excited game
    it is cool

  2. sanee says:

    this game i like most thx

Game Info: Subway Surfers

Jake, Tricky and Fresh are running  from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull dog.

There are three lanes you can run along, switching between left, middle and right with a quick horizontal flick of the screen. Jump to avoid low-hanging obstacles, and swipe down to slide and pass through small gaps.

Subway Surfers lets you combine these moves in a very elegant way, opening the door to half-jumps interrupted by slides and leaps that span lanes so you can keep running on top of the subway trains without interruption.

How to Play:

Use mouse and enjoy this fun game